Rabii Merouane

Born in Rabat in 1980, Rabii Merouane is a choir director and a professional piano player and professor. He received his education in the National Conservatory of Music & Dance – CNMD in Rabat, where he was awarded his first piano distinction in 2000. Later on in 2003, he graduated from the Regional Pedagogy Center with a Music Education degree. Since then, he has dedicated his time to teaching piano, promoting vocal groups and choral singing, and conducting choirs, among which “Le Choeur des Trois Cultures”, “le Choeur des Alizées”, “A Choeur joie” and “Les voix du Choeur”.

Rabii has an extensive musical background and experience, and participated to international festivals, such as the “Printemps des Alizées” in Essaouira, “Mawazine Rythmes du Monde” in Rabat, or SAWT in Casablanca.