Fr. Marwan Ghanem

Father Marwan Ghanem in the Maronite Diocese of Zahle has born in 1972.

Academic Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Theology from the University of Holy Spirit Kaslik-USEK.
  • Bachelor's degree in Musicology from the University of Holy Spirit Kaslik-USEK
  • International diploma in Restorative Justice from the Kingston University - Canada.
  • Bachelor's degree in Law from the Lebanese Faculty Of Law

Founder and Director of Nusroto Choir (1998-Present), he is a member in the Society of Authors, Composers, and Publishers of Music in Lebanon (SACEM) (2001-Present).Co- Founder and President of Nusroto - Al- Anashid Association (Registration 203 / AD), (2005-Present). In 1998 Father Marwan Ghanem established Nusroto Choir (for youth) in Monastery of Tamish-Maten, in 1999 in Zahle-Bekaa.In 2003 Father Ghanem authorized Mrs. Rima Saade Turk- Soprano Soloist in Nusroto choir to establish N. Choir for juniors.

Nusroto Choir celebrated many concerts on Christmas time at almost all churches of Bekaa of different doctrines and Nusroto Choir has achieved many activities led by Father Marwan Ghanem including:

Religious concerts: Christmas concerts since 1999 till present, Saint Maroun Feast concerts at the Maronite Diocese -Ksara-Zahleh, Saint Charbel Feast concerts at Annaya and Zahleh, Saint Joseph Feast concerts at Saint Joseph Church USJ (Saint Joseph University Achrafieh),The rank of the Ordination of Bishops in Tyr and Ordination of Priests in Bekaa, celebrating wedding ceremonies at different Lebanese countries in Beirut and Zahleh,participation in the inauguration of churches at South of Lebanon-Al- Haje,and concerts at North of Lebanon-Zgharta.

Musical celebrations: At the Ministry of Culture Theater in Damascus -Syria (2009), during Karma Festivals at Zahleh (2007-2008-2009-2010), and with the Fersan Al Arbaa at Karma Festivals 2016.

Nusroto Choir honors:Nusroto Choir honored Mrs.  Majida Al Roumi during a huge concert at August 2003 at Saint Charbel Monastery-Zahleh, Nusroto Choir honored Father Dr. Youssef Al Khoury during a concert for varied voices at September 2005 in Zahle and Zgharta and also honored the International Designer Abed Mahfouz in a private party in Zahle who designs and implements uniforms for the Nusroto Choir.

Nusroto choir archive includes 175 religious concerts and Lebanese songs (1988-2017), including:

  • Concert, "Houwaza  abdi ”,”"هوذا عبدي which included honoring the Lebanese composer and author Rev. Dr. Youssef Al Khoury at Pope John Paul Kaslik Hall (2001)
  • Concert at St Charbel Monastery in Zahle (2001)
  • Concert Pain and Resurrection (MTV 2002) (Télé Lumière)
  • Concert, "Azamahona Al Mahaba”,”أعظمهن المحبة "which supported Zahle prison inmates with the participation of Mrs. Majida Roumi (2003)
  • Concert life of St. Joseph in St. Joseph Ashrafieh University. (2003)
  • Concert "Taranimouna" included an honoring for the Rev. Dr. Joseph Khoury of the Lebanese Maronite Order at Saint Anthony Zahle. (Zahle 2005)
  • Concert “Aher Iyyem El Sayfiye”" آخر إيام الصيفية" within the Karma Festivals (Zahle 2008)
  • Concert “Talel Ala Bwab L Hala “with the participation of the ISF Orchestra (Internal Security Forces) (Zahle 2010)
  • Christmas Concert under the auspices of the Minister of Interior and Municipalities Ziad Baroud (Mar Elias Antelias, 2010)
  • Christmas Concert in the Maronite Archdiocese of Zahle (Christmas 2010)
  • Concert of Saint Maroun’s life “Ossa W Gheniye” at Zahle Maronite Diocese (February 2011)

In addition to five cassette recordings, found in religious bookstores:

  1. Saint Maroun’s life story and folkloric melodies.
  2. St. Anthony's life poetry and folkloric melodies.
  3. “Majed Lobnan Otiya Lahom"مجد لبنان أعطي لهم" (Charbel, Rafka, Nimatallah).
  4. "Qedise Men Ardina”,"قديسة من ارضنا" composed by Jean Aoun.
  5. "Houwaza abdi”,”"هوذا عبدي composed by Father Youssef Al Khoury.

Father Marwan Ghanem also composed 36 melodies for religious carols.