Beit El Fann

After attending the Lebanese International Choir Festival

اجمل شيء في مهرجان طرابلس اللي رحنا عليه كان مشاركة الحب والسلام من خلال الموسيقى الدينية، لما رجعت على الإمارات دورت على تسجيل لNDU Choir ﻷنهم فعلاً غنوا بطريقة ملائكية تبعث الإيمان في القلب مهما كان دينك. إن شاء الله نقدر نرجع ونسمعهم على المسرح مرة ثانية. After attending the Lebanese International Choir Festival #licf Licf, I realized that music is really the only thing powerful enough to bridge the gaps created by those who seek to create discord between different faiths and nationalities. You don't have to belong to a specific group to have faith and to love your fellow humans. I am blessed to be part of such a powerful force. Dr. John Perkins, you have been right all along.

Nagham Sami

I cannot express enough

I cannot express enough what a fantastic experience this 1st Lebanese International Choral Festival was! My students have left with motivation and knowing that they have family in Tripoli. Thank you so much for hosting us and providing such a great experience. Each venue was wonderful (especially your cultural centre and the cathedral in Beirut). I am looking forward to more experiences and collaboration in the future! On behalf of the members of Nassim al Saba, we thank you this amazing music-making experience!

Christopher Cameron

و يبقى النجاح

و يبقى النجاح أرقى و أكبر ردّ على كلّ حاقد دفعه جهله إلى محاربة أفكارك و رؤياك! شكراً كورال الفيحاء، شكراً مايسترو باركيڤ تاسلاكيان و شكراً نادين العلي و كل من ساهم و ساعد في إنجاح مهرجان لبنان العالمي للغناء الجماعي الذي كان هدفه إعادة الثقة في طرابلس و إلباسها حُلّة ثقافية جديدة! عاشت طرابلس منارة للثقافة!

Ghassan El Bakri

Back from an exciting visit of the first Lebanese International Choir Festival

Back from an exciting visit of the first Lebanese International Choir Festival in Tripoli - where we heard different groups and choirs, received an extraordinarily warm welcome, saw Christians and Muslims joining their voices in harmony, had many interesting conversations, saw singers from different countries getting to know each other and making new friends - something which we have often seen at our EUROPA CANTAT Festivals but which is new for the choral world in Lebanon - and attended a first meeting for the creation of a Lebanese Choral Association. We heard a lot of music - Arabic choral music, both sacred and popular, Armenian music, maronite sacred songs and much more. Thanks to all those who have pursued this dream and turned it into reality - most of all the Fayha Choir with conductor Barkev Taslakian and manager Roula Abou Baker, but also with many, many great singers who tiredlessly worked as volunteers during the festival, to Nadine and the team of the AZM Cultural Centre - and thanks to the Polyfollia team who supported the local team enormously!

Sonja Grenier

Couldn't have been any prouder

While most of us are swimming their way out of religious and politics swamps, a bunch of us were trying to make some change. Ladies and gents, the Lebanese International Choir Festival, that has been taking place since last week and organized by none other than my friends at the Fayha Choir, namely Roula and Maestro Barkev, along with AZM Cultural Center-Beit el Fan and Polyfollia As the "participants" page was loading, I could see the scrolling down taking forever: the choirs involved were NUMEROUS, mostly regional in additional to international as well, such as: - Saint Rafqa Choir and Children Choir - NDU Choir - Vivace Ensemble - AYC Choir - Yerevan Chamber Choir - The Harmony Band And many more, of course without having to mention the Fayha Choir themselves, who - as I was told - were the jewel of the event, as every other stage they step foot/feet on. Remind me again how our disputes are pushing us forward to prosperity.

Natheer Halawani

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