Beit El Fann

The Harmony BandHarmony Band is a group of youth that started from Lebanon in 2003 with four members and expanded to end up with professional charismatic influencers. Each member enjoys characteristics & talents, which influence the youth in hearing their message in a way that is accepted by many people from the recent generations. Harmony band’s message is to build awareness in people, especially the youth, in to seeing the true image of Islam and to guide people to the right path and teachings of the Prophets, as well as, denouncing terrorism and anything that gives a bad image about Islam. Harmony Band’s music is very diverse; they use different styles mostly mixing oriental and western music to come up with a style that is new and innovative.






Adam AliAdam Ali, founder of The Harmony Band, LAWS Production, and B3 Productions, is a Lebanese singer, music composer, song writer and arranger. He is known to merge Western style with Oriental music. Adam has worked for many international companies as a music composer and arranger. And nowadays, he writes, arranges and composes songs for several stars in the Middle East and the West.

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