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NDUThe Notre-Dame University Choir - Louaizé was first formed in October of 1993 under the direction of Reverend Fr. Khalil Rahme, a Mariamite monk, and with the encouragement and support of the Maronite Mariamite Order. 

The choir is formed of a number of professionals as well as students of the School of Music.

The NDU Choir won the Gold Medal and the Audience’s First Prize-Adult Category in the Third International Choirs Competition held in Laval, Quebec 2007.

  • Performances


1997: Beirut, participation in the Mass of the Holy Pope. 
2000: Baalbek Festivals.
2005: Al-Bustan Festival
2007: Al-Busatan Festival. 

Khalil RahmehBiography

Born in Bcharre, Lebanon in 1962. He was ordained priest of the Maronite Mariamite Order in 1987.


The Pontifical University of “Laterano” in Rome, studied philosophy and theology.

Studied musical theory and notation, piano, classical and Gregorian singing, and earned degrees from the School of Music “T.L. La Victoria”, and from the conserva­tory “Santa Cecilia” in Rome.

Pursued studies in music composition for the organ with Maestro Valentino Miser­achs.

Posts Held

Founder and director of the School of Music at Notre Dame University – Louaizé which he established in 1992.

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