Beit El Fann


GARGATCH  Children Choir of Hamazkayin was established to refine the artistic taste of up-and-coming generation in 1997 by Maestro Zakar Keshishian , its founding artistic director and conductor.

GARGATCH has performed annual concerts in Lebanon and held a series of concerts in Armenia (2001) and Cyprus (2007, 2009) for over 20.000 listeners. During the past eighteen yerars, GARGATCH had more than 600 members performing scores of songs written and composed by talented poets and composers who regularly enriched its repertoire with songs exclusively composed for the choir. The annual programs of the choir includes multi-lingual, classical and contemporary songs.

GARGATCH is respected among the professional children’s choirs in Lebanon singing in 4 parts (quatre voix).

In addition to annual concerts, GARGATCH has performed Christmas concerts organized by the Lebanese American University (December 2009) and by Friends of Al Bustan Festival (December 2009).In recent years, GARGATCH regularly participated in “Beirut Chants”- The Festival of Sacred Music with program consisting of multi-lingual, classical and contemporary Christmas carols and songs. Last year (2014) GARGATCH performed an special concert as part of the AUB Zaki Nassif Program Music Festival.

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