Beit El Fann

AYCArmenian Youth Choir (AYC) of Hamazkayin Educational and Cultural Society was founded in  2008 in order to keep the young generation's taste & interest in classical, folk and contemporary qualified music alive.
The choir's founder and artistic director is Maestro ZakarKeshishian.
The choir has a multilingual playlist which extends from Armenian classical , contemporary and traditional- folk songs to modern non-Armenian repertoire.
These songs are performed in different ways:

  • A capella
  • Accompanied by the piano
  • Accompanied by the Armenian folk traditional band
  • Accompanied by a modern contemporary band.

Many Armenian musicians from Armenia enrich the choir's repertoire with their unique and creative works.
The choir members are composed of Armenian university students , as well as young Armenians in the work force.
The choir has given concerts in AUB's Assembly Hall, USJ's Saint Joseph Church, as well as concerts in Cyprus. In 2014 AYC participated to the «Beirut Chants» Festival.

Along to its annual concerts, the choir brings its participation in different Lebanese events and choral activities.

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