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AntonineThe Antonine University Choir belongs to the Higher Institute of Music at Antonine University. Being faithful to the monastic tradition of the Antonine Maronite Order, the choir has contributed since the eighties in the cultural enrichment of the Lebanese musical life by its repertory focusing on the Antonine musical tradition.

Its repertory is also rich in classical and contemporary music. TheAntonine University Choir has performed concerts and has done tours in Rome, Milan, Nice, Lyon, Monaco, St. Etienne, Doha, Dubai Al Aïn United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Bahrain, Cyprus, Tbilisi, Paris, New york, Los Angeles etc.… It has participated in the Classical Music Festival of Al Ain (Emirates Arabs Units 2008-2009), Al Bustan International Festival (2009-2015), Byblos International Festival (2010-2011-2013-2014), Baalbeck International Festival (2011), Beirut Chants Festival-Lebanon (2008-2014), Tbilisi Opera Festival (2012), Festival d'Ile de France (2012-2013) and Bahrain International Music Festival (2013). In May 2010 and April 2013, the choir participated in concerts at the legendary Carnegie Hall in New York. It made its Los Angeles debut in April 2014 following an invitation from El Camino College when the Antonine University Choir singers performed at the LA City Hall and Our Lady of Mount Lebanon Church as well as taking part in another concert at El Camino College – Marsee Auditorium.The Choir was present in several orchestras such as the Lebanese National Philharmonic Orchestra,

Toufic MaatoukConductor Toufic Maatouk, O.A.M. is active in Lebanon, Bahrain, Italy, France, and United States of America. He is currently Guest Conductor of the Lebanese philharmonic Orchestra, Artistic director of Beirut Chants International Festival, Director of the Antonine University chorus (Lebanon), and Head of the voice department in the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory and is a director and lecturer at the Antonine University/Faculty of Music in Beirut.

Fr. Maatouk received his initial musical training at the Antonine University and Lebanese National Higher Conservatory in Beirut where he majored in Piano and opera singing. He is a Ph.D student in Musicology at the Istituto Pontificio di Musica sacra (Pims) in Rome. He conducted studies on the maronite chants following the instructions of N. Tangari, N. Abou Mrad. He furthered his studies in orchestra conducting and opera conducting with E. Nicotra, A. Polyanichko.

Moreover, on the concert podium he acquired a large active repertoire of romantic and operatic works. Among the many master classes and seminars Toufic Maatouk has attended were those led by E. Nikotra, A. Polyanichko, M. Stringer, A. Polischuk.

Countless numbers of his concerts have been recorded live by LBCI (Lebanese broadcasting Corporation International), MTV (MTV Lebanon), FutureTV (Lebanon). To date, he has released 8 CDs, Antonine University editions, (Lebanon) on the syriacmaronite tradition.

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