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Polyfollia is a non-profit organization, which aims to promote choral music at its best,

- by acting as an expert resources centre for choral singing over the world, offering its expertise and its network to various partners, to implement exemplary choral projects,

- by organizing every 2 years a World Showcase and Marketplace for Choral Singing, the Polyfollia festival.

Through this festival, Polyfollia:

- selects and presents to the public the best of the international emerging choral stage,

- facilitates the meeting of the best vocal ensembles with the international professionals from the field of broadcasting and musical entertainment,

- offers the amateur singers the opportunity to meet excellent ensembles and to develop their technique and repertoire as a result of the experience,

- offers to a selection of young international managers a unique professional training session.

Choral art is still too often little-known and goes unappreciated by the general public as well as by the world's music promoters, or generally speaking by the decision-makers.

And yet, the very nature of choral art – mutual listening and working collectively to produce harmony and beauty – makes it the perfect means for educational and/or social awareness. Choral singing is also one of the most cross-cutting musical genres and has the widest range of styles and formats: early or contemporary music, classical or jazz, pop, rock, traditional or folk, religious or secular. It is the voice for all the cultures, providing exciting opportunities to meet, exchange and share.

That’s why the Polyfollia team works to gather and accompany all the positive energies which are able to develop this vibrating art over the world.

The Polyfollia festival

A World Showcase and Marketplace for Choral Singing

Every 2 years, Polyfollia selects and promote

14 of the world’s best emerging vocal ensembles

A big festival, a marketplace and a meeting point for professionals

but also a great choral festive party for the amateurs,

and a place of training for young international managers.


Polyfollia is an association which aims to promoting internationally Choral singing at its best

It organizes a unique festival, which presents in one week and 50 concerts 14 excellent ensembles selected worldwide by an artistic committee of international experts and covering the largest possible rangeof choral music: from early to contemporary, from traditional to jazz and from classical to pop, acoustic or amplified,mostly a cappella.

It’s an international springboard for all kinds of formations, from 4 to 40 singers, equal voices or mixed choirs from the widestpossible geographical base. A springboard whichabove all seeks to promote ensembles which, inaddition to their vocal excellence, offer musicalcreativity and exceptional stage presencein order to enhance the pleasure of a large audience.

Polyfollia is a marketplace as well as an unmissable artistic ‘rendezvous’ for the professionals’ network (music promoters, festival and concert organizers, radios, journalists, choral experts). It is a unique venue for making high level contacts with outstanding international ensembles, creators, composers and interpreters.A real opportunityto put together future seasons’ programmes and to meetand network with colleagues from all over the world.

It is also a big choral festive party offering thousands of amateur choirs and singers the opportunity

to meet the invited ensembles, major choral clinicians, composers… and to develop their technique and repertoire as a result through “discovery workshops”, but also to present their own skills and talents in a huge “Fringe festival” through free mini-concerts.

Polyfollia is finally a place of training for the young managers through the CAMP (Choral Art Management Program), a professional training programme which combinesboth theory and practical work with experts of the choral world.

In 10 years, Polyfollia achieved 850 concerts, mini-concerts and workshops, for an attendance of 180 000, invited 90 international ensembles, presented to the general audience as well as to dozens of professionals from all over the world, attracted 240 amateur choirs and trained 40 young managers.

In 2015, due to severe cultural budget cuts in France, the Polyfollia leading team has been forced to put and end to the festival. They are now working to possibly relocate the Polyfollia project elsewhere, while continuing to promote choral singing in the world, acting as an international choral resource centre and helping some exemplary projects like the Lebanese International Choral Festival.

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