Beit El Fann

Fayha ChoirEver since the existence of Fayha Choir, one of its major goals was spreading choral singing in Lebanon and the Arab world. This is the reason why Fayha Choir has been participating in as many conferences and festivals that have to do with choral singing and with all organizations all around the world whose concern us ordinarily singing.

The main concern of LICF is to put the network being created between choirs in favor of the goals that have already been stated. In other words, the goal is to permit the Lebanese and Arab choirs to be part of this network, as well as introduce the foreign countries to Arabic music and make it easier for these foreign countries to reach the Arabic choirs. This will encourage choirs to work harder on their performance. This will definitely help them have the chance to perform in foreign countries. Moreover, the network that this festival will create between the Lebanese, Arab, and international choirs will help increase the competition between them, and in turn widen their musical repertoire and improve their performance. Nevertheless, this will encourage the Lebanese composers to compose music for choirs. The music composed might reach Western countries as well. This will lead to the globalization and the spreading of Arabic music.

All these conditions, and with the presence of the right sponsors, were the reason behind our ability to achieve this goal (arranging these kinds of festivals) that has been set ever since the choir has come to exist. This experience will be the first of many upcoming experiences. We will be working on expanding and improving the festival; thus, this festival will be the pilot project upon which our plans for the next festivals will be drawn

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