Beit El Fann

Beit el FannAL AZM Cultural Center - Beit El Fann is a cultural center located in the heart of El Mina in north Lebanon. One of the only venues of its kind in the area. Beit El Fann is under the patronage of his Excellency, our beloved Mr. Najib Mikati.  

AL AZM Cultural Center - Beit El Fann was granted the status of association in 2010 (permit no. 871).

Beit El Fann was granted the status of association in 1994 (permit no. 323/AD). In addition to its founding members,

Beit El Fann also functions as the node for several other artistic groups, including painters, actors, musicians, poets, and filmmakers. The center and its members aim to help the surrounding area to develop its cultural and touristic ventures. Nowadays, the House of Art works on the grass-roots level with various other groups and associations locally and internationally, binding Tripoli into a network stretching across the Middle East and the entire world.

House of Art’s regular programming includes a wide range of cultural and educational activities for Tripoli and its surroundings, as well as special events such as workshops, concerts, exhibitions, and theater and art festival


Polyfollia is a non-profit organization, which aims to promote choral music at its best,

- by acting as an expert resources centre for choral singing over the world, offering its expertise and its network to various partners, to implement exemplary choral projects,

- by organizing every 2 years a World Showcase and Marketplace for Choral Singing, the Polyfollia festival.

Through this festival, Polyfollia:

- selects and presents to the public the best of the international emerging choral stage,

Fayha ChoirEver since the existence of Fayha Choir, one of its major goals was spreading choral singing in Lebanon and the Arab world. This is the reason why Fayha Choir has been participating in as many conferences and festivals that have to do with choral singing and with all organizations all around the world whose concern us ordinarily singing.

The main concern of LICF is to put the network being created between choirs in favor of the goals that have already been stated. In other words, the goal is to permit the Lebanese and Arab choirs to be part of this network, as well as introduce the foreign countries to Arabic music and make it easier for these foreign countries to reach the Arabic choirs. This will encourage choirs to work harder on their performance. This will definitely help them have the chance to perform in foreign countries. Moreover, the network that this festival will create between the Lebanese, Arab, and international choirs will help increase the competition between them, and in turn widen their musical repertoire and improve their performance. Nevertheless, this will encourage the Lebanese composers to compose music for choirs. The music composed might reach Western countries as well. This will lead to the globalization and the spreading of Arabic music.

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